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Another amazing couple to work with!
"We were referred to Downsizing Solutions from our realtor Laurie BlahaMary contacted us right away while on vacation in Costa Rica! We were so overwhelmed with two lifetimes worth of stuff but the team came in and started sorting and organizing. They were quick, professional and so supportive during the process. We really enjoyed how friendly and fun they were to work with! We felt we were in such good hands. The movers got everything out quickly and professionally! ~Sharon and John, Oakville

Such a lovely client!
“I was referred to Downsizing Solutions by a family friend, Paul Silva. Mary came very quickly to take a look and then the team arrived within two days . The ladies were very professional and quick. They were organized and helped me to decide what I should keep and what I should donate. My favourite phrase they used was ‘Do you really think you will use this again?’ The movers were quick and professional. I will recommend Downsizing Solutions to everyone!! In fact I already have!" ~ Gale B.

“Today was incredible, look what you accomplished!
The team was efficient packing up for the move and were respectful of my home and my things. I am happy with the clothes that we selected while downsizing and grateful for Mary facilitating the purchase of a clothing rack to make it all work.
You ladies knew just the right amount of furniture to bring. It fit beautifully. Thank you for finding a spot for the second tv. I'm glad the ladies kept me out of the suite to see the final results. It feels just like home!
I am absolutely amazed with what you have done with the suite. I couldn’t have done it without you, I am absolutely astounded with you and I couldn’t be happier! ~ Joan

Thanks to Appleby Place Retirement Residence for this great referral!
"A huge note of thanks to Mary Dilly and her fabulous team at Downsizing Solutions! We could not have wished for more professional, thorough, personal and compassionate partners in helping us to transition our parents into their new retirement home. While my parent’s live in Burlington, I live in Calgary – more than 3000 km away. I was daunted by the task of moving a generation’s worth of my parents’ belongings to a smaller home. After my first consultation with Mary, I knew I had made the right choice. Her confidence and methodology are spot-on. She and her team delivered on every promise with flying colours. They understand that transition is hard, and made every effort to put my parents at ease. There were tears in every eye when the furnished and decorated retirement suite was revealed. Their gentle but thorough approach made this work. The world needs more businesses like this. Kudos on a job well done!"

We love repeat clients!
“This was our second move with Downsizing Solutions. They moved us about a year ago and again today. Both moves were amazing! Communication with Mary was great.
Even with very short notice for this internal move at The Williamsburg Retirement Residence, Mary assured us that she would fit me in which made us very happy.
The team must have worked very hard to move and set up my suite.
Who wouldn’t love this place to live in – really!”

It may seem inappropriate to say, but I would marry this client. Or, at the very least, adopt him as my dad. We love you Mel!
“I am very happy that The Williamsburg Retirement Residence referred us to Downsizing Solutions.
With short notice, they were able to schedule my pack up and move to The Williamsburg.
Mary was very responsive and easy to communicate with and her team was punctual and efficient. Mary and her team, Sheila and Brian and John, made a difficult task at a difficult time, fun. The team was quiet and courteous throughout and I am very pleased with the set up of my new suite. We are looking forward to working with Downsizing Solutions again to prepare my home for sale.”
~ Mel S.

We love to help our clients when they are in a crunch!

“Recently I came into a situation where our family member passed away and I suddenly needed to pack up an entire apartment that I thought I could do myself and then very quickly realized I couldn’t.

I was on a very tight deadline and desperate for help so I started researching companies to help me pack and I found Mary’s name but I already knew about Mary because she does a ton of donating through charities and helping people all over Burlington; so, I knew of her already and knew the amazing work that she did but I didn’t know she had her own company.

From the moment I called her, it’s just been a dream because, immediately, she arranged to have somebody out to help me the very next day. Within a few days an incredible amount of packing was done. I had about 600+ books that needed to be packed. It saved me so much time and sanity!

Mary’s been fantastic to deal with - very responsive and Rosa was very kind, very professional, very fast. I would not have gotten through this without her. I’m eternally grateful. If you need help downsizing or packing, you’d be a fool not to call Downsizing Solutions and Mary and her amazing team.” ~Dianne K.

Some clients we work with become family! Thanks to Appleby Place Retirement Residence for this great referral!

“Thanks Mary for this help. Everything was absolutely perfect! The team did an excellent job. The way they communicated with each other was phenomenal. They worked so well together as a team. It was a pleasure to watch.

Your movers are great. They did their job with no noise or disruption. We are so pleased with how and where you hung all our art. We came out of a large place and your team was instrumental in picking out what would fit. We will recommend you to anyone and everyone. This was a great experience. We feel just like we are ‘home’. Thanks!”

~ Gerry and Conny B. | Cogir Senior Living CanadaCogir Senior Living

Thank you to Downsizing Solutions for my mom’s wonderful move from Burlington to London.
Jennifer was quick and efficient packing up my mom’s suite the day before and I was comfortable leaving her to do the pack up. Thank you also for shopping and purchasing a new bed for the suite on my behalf. The movers were great and even built the new bed. Your recommendation where to place the furniture worked out fantastic. The suite will look very familiar for my mom. I would definitely recommend Downsizing Solutions! Thank you.” ~Mike S.
We love repeat clients!
“Thank you Downsizing Solutions for your exceptional smooth second move for my mom.
You made this transition stress free for us. Mom has adjusted to her new space nicely.
Fun "house prep for sale" today. Thanks Lori VanDinther - Burlington Realtor for the referral.
"We were referred to Downsizing Solutions by our realtor, Lori Vandinther. Mary came quickly to see our dad's house. She discussed how her team could help and we decided to go ahead and have everything removed. Mary even had the movers come one night to help us move some furniture for family.
We were pleased with the connections for making donations and passing on more useful items to others. Communication between Mary and her team was excellent. Lee-Anne and the team were very personable, professional and hard working.
I would be happy to recommend Downsizing Solutions to everyone!"
~ Dave and Duncan L.
So nice to wake up to this email this morning!
”Hi Mary. Your team yesterday were just fantastic.
What a fabulous job they did moving Carol to LaSalle Park Retirement Community.
The transformation was just unbelievable. You and your team wildly exceeded our expectations.
We are all thrilled with the results. Thank you Mary!!”
~Rob and Lynda W.
Another great move to Appleby Place Retirement Residence!
"I live in Montreal and needed to get my dad packed up and moved. Appleby Place recommended Downsizing Solutions and they were great! Jennifer packed up quickly and had everything in order for the following day. The move was done quickly and efficiently by the team. We absolutely loved the suite when we walked in. My dad said it was perfect and feels like home. He couldn't wait to go to dinner as the food here is really good. Thank you."
Great move into one of our favourite retirement homes today at The Williamsburg!
“I was very impressed with how effective your team was with sorting me out. The art on the walls is great.
The team was very efficient with packing, moving and setting up my new suite. I couldn’t have done it myself.
They even picked up a bed and assembled it for us!”
~David and grandson Kyle | Cogir Senior Living Canada
“The task that we gave Mary/Downsizing Solutions was to pack up a house that had been lived in since 1965.
Mary and her team had it done in 3 days with lots of fun and laughter. We could never have done it without your excellent service through all the stages. We will highly recommend you.
Feel free to give our contact information to anyone for a referral!
~Sandra, Cindy and Gladys
Our lovely Joan is now happily settled in Chartwell Christopher Terrace Retirement Residence!
“Mary came highly recommended by many community members. As we were visiting retirement homes in the area in preparation for my move, many knew Mary which made us feel comfortable with our decision. The work was done at a reasonable pace to be considerate of what I would do with everything even though some days it was hard to decide. The team were reassuring and helpful throughout.
On move day, Christopher Terrace welcomed me with tea and a sandwich while I waited for my suite to be ready. I was pleased with the set up and how the new furniture fit so well. The team helped from day one, from downsizing, donations, clearing out/preparing the house for sale, the move, to setting up my new suite. I couldn’t have done all of these jobs on my own!
Thank you Downsizing Solutions." ~Joan M.
 My movers are the best and they never complain! I had NO IDEA they had to do this until I received this email today from a client!! “Thanks Mary. Your movers are awesome! We certainly appreciated their friendly demeanor and willingness to get the job done right (including carrying that huge couch up four flights of stairs because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator!)”
~Marion H, Waterdown
“We hate our job” Said no-one at Downsizing Solutions ever!
Thanks to The Williamsburg for this great referral!
“I was stunned when I found out I had to move in such a short timeframe. When I met you, I felt so much better. You were all so friendly I cried all night last night because I was scared of moving but I am so happy to see my beautiful suite! It looks and feels just like home.
I didn’t really believe I would like this but it is phenomenal. I feel so happy now. I can’t believe you did all this so quickly. In one day, you packed me up, moved me, unpacked all the boxes, made my bed and hung all the pictures. I can’t believe it.
I am stunned and so, so happy.”
Another great move into Appleby Place Retirement Residence!
"Thank you to Appleby Place for recommending Downsizing Solutions!
As an only child with no family support, I felt very overwhelmed with the task of moving both parents on the same day to two different suites. I felt at ease once you arrived.
From the pack up to move day, it was seamless. I could not have done it with out Mary and her team.
Thank you for the beautiful work of both suites. My parents are eating more than they did at home and they really enjoy the food. Thank you."

Moving to long-term care is never a happy move but I am proud that we helped make it easy.

“When I saw the setup, Jennifer, from Downsizing Solutions, did of my dad's new room at long term care, I had to give her a hug!

I didn't know what I was expecting but she went above and beyond and completely exceeded any expectations I had.

The furniture was tastefully placed and the paintings artfully hung. The family photos on the walls and the bureau and all the other personal touches Jennifer did made my dad's room feel like home.”

~Lynda W.