100’s Of People Are Talking About Us!

We moved this man's mother into retirement living and now, two years later, moved her to long term care.

"Mary, I have to tell you that the service we got from Downsizing Solutions was beyond anything I would have expected. Lee-Anne was absolutely incredible, not only was she a true professional, her personality and attitude made the job at hand fun. I never would have believed it! We loved her!!! The movers were great and right on time and their upbeat personalities and easy-going nature definitely contributed to the success of the move.

And lastly you Mary, thank you so much for being able to turn this around so quickly. I honestly don’t know what we would have done. I recommend your company to everyone looking for a downsizing solution. You and your team are the best!! Continued success." ~Jim

Great internal move at Sunrise Of Oakville today.
“I have lots of good things to say about our move to a bigger suite today. I appreciate that Joe got to lay down while the move happened with very little disruption to him. Everyone worked hard moving furniture and setting up the new suite. It was all done quickly and efficiently.
Thank you.”
"Hey Mary, wanted to let you know that the housekeeper at Appleby Place told Mom today that her place is the most nicely decorated apartment in the building and ‘everyone is talking about it’. This is partly due to my Mom’s decor sense and choices of what to move, but also because of Downsizing Solutions set up! TY! Thank you for everything.
Your service was amazing and I will certainly recommend you. I have met a few people who know you and have seen you on TV. Everyone was impressed with your services.
Thanks again." ~Barbara

Downsizing = internal moves to smaller suites when personal situations change.
“Thank you to LaSalle Park Retirement Community for the referral to Downsizing Solutions. The organizing was wonderful. The customer service was excellent . The team was amazing . The service was seamless. Your attention to safety was so welcomed. Your suggestion that the carpets might be a tripping hazard was such a great point! I would recommend you to everyone else!”


Great downsize/house prep for sale and move to Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence!
“Thank you to Sarah Logue for referring Downsizing Solutions. The team was absolutely fantastic... from coming to my home and packing me up, to moving me to Pearl and Pine and taking away my donations. I visited different retirement homes and easily chose Pearl and Pine. I love my new suite! It is beautiful. Everything was put in the perfect place and I had no trouble finding my things. I could go on for ever about how happy I am. Thank you.”


“Thank you to Revera Birkdale Place Retirement Residence for recommending Downsizing Solutions AND paying for my father's move in. The team was efficient and very friendly. They made the move so easy.
The end result was great. My father is going to love it, I know he will feel right at home here.
Thank you.”


Always fun to move two sisters into their first apartment! 

"Thanks for everything you and your team have done to support our transition. You certainly took the anxiety out of it. You and your staff are so easy going, respectful, non-judgmental and know how to get work done effectively and efficiently! We're grateful for your service and the manner in which you deliver it." ~Lunda M.

Great end to a busy week!

“Mary, you and your team are super fabulous! There is no expression for it. You are wonderful, friendly and personally caring. We feel like we are part of your family.

The team was incredible. We couldn’t believe it when we walked in. We immediately felt like we were ‘home’. We literally could just plug in the kettle!

We are grateful to Leigh Anne Dryden-Davidson of Pearl & Pine for the referral to you and your team at Downsizing Solutions.”

~Shirley and Bob P. | Pearl & Pine Retirement ResidenceSignature Retirement Living

This gentleman loves living at Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence!
“Thank you to Pearl and Pine for referring Downsizing solutions. I received one recommendation and I know why. Right from the initial walk through, the service was wonderful. In one morning, everything was organized and packed and brought to my suite . Everything was removed from my secretary desk and put right back exactly how I had it. All my clothes were taken out of the closets and hung back up . My bed was taken apart, reassembled and Lee-Anne even insisted on making my bed back up! I couldn’t give a higher recommendation. The service was exceptional !! The movers were helpful and thoughtful. Nothing can beat the service of Downsizing Solutions! I will recommend them to everyone!”  Signature Retirement Living  | Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence

Thanks to Marg Morren and Revera The Williamsburg Retirement Residence for the referral to this lovely client and her amazing family!

"The concept embodied in your service is very good. All the elements are covered. Donations to local charities is very important also. The packers reassured me because I was convinced that my stuff would be misplaced or lost. I am so happy that they explained everything to me step by step while packing . I was so nervous and it made me feel so much better. You lifted my spirits. They went through everything with me and told me exactly what was happening with each item. The entire team was full of good cheer, smiling and reassuring me that everything would go well. I knew I could live through the day and I did! I am now looking around my new home at my favourite things around me. It feels very welcoming. The familiar things that I have collected over the years are with me in my new home. Thank you."

~Pauline L. | Marg Morren Revera The Williamsburg Retirement Residence | Revera Inc. 

This move into Revera Appleby Place Retirement Residence was a lot of fun!
"I met Mary a couple of years ago to discuss a move. Due to logistics and timing, we decided to do that move ourselves. After realizing how much work it was, we reached out to Mary to help with my mom’s recent move and were happy that Downsizing Solutions was available to help. From the moment my mom met Mary, her mind was put at ease about making one of the most difficult life-style decisions of her life. The communication from Mary, the packers, the movers and the team that recreated my mom’s home in a new location were fabulous."
So happy that this lady is now all moved in and so comfortable at Revera Appleby Place Retirement Residence!
“I am very, very, very happy with the move to Appleby Place today. It couldn’t have been better. Other than the sound of packing tape, the team was quiet and efficient and I am happy with how the old house was left. It felt wonderful walking into my new home and seeing how well my things fit and how much it looked like home.”
~Margaret M. Revera Inc. | Revera Inc.
We moved sweet Pat into Revera The Williamsburg Retirement Residence over a year ago.
Now, we downsized her to a smaller suite on another floor with more care at her fingertips.
“You worked very hard and made it look very nice. I am very impressed with how quick, efficient and quiet the team was. When I walked in to the new suite, it blew me away! You did a good job."
~Pat G. | Revera Inc.

What fun it was to work with this gentleman!

"Sarah Logue Remax referred Downsizing Solutions. I met with Mary and the team was here the next day.

The team was very professional and considerate. The ladies were understanding when I needed a break from the emotion of it all. They were so meticulous!! They took the time to unwrap and look at each item.

The ladies were fun and we had a laugh. They didn’t question any of my decisions. I wanted to make sure some of my blankets and items could be donated and the girls were quick to pack them and take them away for donation.

The house prep was done extremely well. I would highly recommend Downsizing Solutions to everyone.”

~Jim M. | Sarah Logue Remax

Nice move to LaSalle Park Retirement Community yesterday!

“I met Mary through my church . The team did a great job. Lee-Anne was very patient with me . Everything fit in nicely . The team was quick and the move was fast. I was very happy.”

~Barbara D. | Signature Retirement Living

Another great move to Pearl & Pine Retirement By Signature residence!

"Our move to Pearl and Pine Retirement was seamless. Mary and her team met with us, helped us pack up our memories and set us up in our new home.”

~ Stu and Thelma |  Pearl and Pine Retirement Residence Signature Retirement Living

Fun move into Revera Birkdale Place Retirement Residence today.
“Thank you to Yvonne at Birkdale for recommending Downsizing Solutions. The team was very organized and efficient and in great spirits. No time was wasted. The team treated each other with respect and also to us.
Thank you for packing up our donations and taking them to Habitat for Humanity. What a job it was moving our belongings down a flight of stairs to your truck. The set up was done very quickly and looks better than we imagined.
Thank you for taking such great care with our belongings.”
Another great move to Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence!
"I wanted to thank you for the move you and your team did for my father into Pearl and Pine. It couldn't have gone better. Walking into Dad's new unit at the end of the day and seeing everything settled made the entire experience easy and peaceful. Juggling family life and helping elderly parents can be stressful at times, and you and your team relieved so much of that in this move."
A great move to Amica Stoney Creek today!
“This was the second move by Downsizing Solutions for my aunt. Thanks for coming to the rescue again! We were very happy with the service last time and very happy again this time! The suite feels like home for my aunt seeing familiar things around her just like her previous suite. Thank you again for making the move so comfortable.”
~ Diana, Burlington | Amica Stoney Creek

“Thank you to Sarah Logue for recommending Downsizing Solutions.

We have lived in our home for 24 years and needed a little help. Thank you for packing up our belongings and prepping our house for sale. The team was efficient, professional and quick. Thank you.”

~ Maurice, Burlington | Sarah Logue 

Another great move to Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence!

“Mom and I needed someone we could trust to move her out of a sizable apartment full of decades of collected stuff and into a perfect-sized suite at Pearl & Pine Retirement Living. And it had to happen in just over a week!!

Mary and her team at Downsizing Solutions exceeded all expectations and Mom is in her new home with everything she needs. And it was all unpacked and put away with her in mind. The team also made sure anything she didn't need was donated appropriately.

I am forever grateful to Downsizing Solutions for their kindness, efficiency and professionalism.”

~ Maureen C, Burlington  |  Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence  |  Signature Retirement Living

“Thanks to Lori VanDinther and Kimberley Hall for referring Downsizing Solutions to me for my pack up/house prep and move!

Mary, you and your team were amazing. Everyone was efficient, friendly and great to work with. Your movers were so nice and everyone worked so hard. Your team is so good and really quick. They are also so organized - they know exactly how to pack and unpack. They have ideas that I don’t have. They just know how to do it all.

I just love the girls. They are all friendly and fun to work with. Everyone was very professional. I really liked the whole team.

You have a great taping system that really worked well. I have very delicate antique pieces and nothing was damaged at all. They even took the garbage away! I didn’t even have to think. I sat back and they did all the work. They are like magic! Thank you so much.”

~ Lauren L, Burlington

Massive house clear out this week. Good job team!
“Thank you to one of Mary's previous clients for recommending Downsizing Solutions. I came in from out of town to my parents’ house and had to have it all packed up for donations, 50 years of stuff. Mary and her team were very courteous, efficient and detailed oriented. They thought two steps ahead and it was very nice. Thank you for coming to the rescue.”
~ Stuart M, Oakville
Another great move into one of our favourite retirement communities!
“Thank you to Revera Birkdale Place Retirement Residence for referring us to Downsizing Solutions and for your bonus offer of paying for our move!
The packing was fantastic. The team was very good and thoughtful. They treated our items as if they were their own. The move today was unbelievably fast and the team continued to care for things as their own while setting up. The unpacking was very quick to have all things put away, pictures on the walls, bookshelves filled, bedroom and bathroom perfect! Thank you for taking the extra care dusting on set up. I can't say enough about the team.
My sister will be very happy walking in and seeing her belongings in her new home.  Revera Inc.

Thanks Sarah Logue Remax Team Logue - REMAX Escarpment Realty Inc. for the referral to lovely Helen. We did numerous moves until she got settled into her forever home.

"The movers first went to the house and then to the storage unit to pick up my things (that we had stored there). Then they went to my new condo to unload and unpack. The team worked so hard - they did the best job ever. I like my new new bright home with a view. I would recommend Downsizing Solutions to anyone.!"

~ Helen S., Burlington

Great pack up and move Jenn and Lee-Anne and Brian and John!

“My realtor, Marg Morren, referred us to Downsizing Solutions. We are so impressed with how everything was setup! The team was great! Their personalities are great! We were really nervous and the team put us at ease and we are believers !! We are so happy with our new home!”

Chartwell Retirement Residences | Marg Morren

Thanks Lee-Anne and Brian and John for a great job on this one!

”Mary, I just want to tell you how amazing your team is. The guys were great and they were very careful when moving things. Lee-Anne was incredible. She never stopped the whole time she was here and she was so thorough as well as extremely pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend your company”. ~ Dorothy B, Mount Hope.

Thanks for the referral Lori VanDinther. We love Dorothy!

Thanks team for a great unpack/organization job for this lady! “

A friend of mine referred Downsizing Solutions to me. I called Mary and the team came quickly. I got more than I expected!! Everything was unpacked so well!! I can’t believe the speed the team works at!! I am very happy with the job done and I would definitely refer Downsizing Solutions! You went above and beyond what I thought you would do!!”

~ Janice A, Oakville

Thanks to the team for working so hard on this house prep for sale/clear out!

“Mary, everyone was great! Super friendly and super helpful. If they found something they thought might be emotionally valuable (even though slated for donation) they would ask me about it - like my late mother’s recipe box. Everyone worked very hard. I like the way you completely finish the job - clean up, take garbage etc. Your movers are machines! I am grateful Laurie Blaha recommended you and your team.”

~ Sallie C, Oakville | Laurie Blaha


DID YOU KNOW that Revera Inc. has a special offer that may entitle you to a FREE move in when you use Downsizing Solutions?

"Thanks to Revera for the bonus offer of paying for our move-in to Revera Appleby Place Retirement Residence this week! Thanks also for recommending Mary and her team at Downsizing Solutions. It is really nice they offer this service and it was a huge help. The team was great, very efficient, well organized and ahead of schedule.

The team went above and beyond to make sure the furniture was vacuumed, dusted and clean. It was breathtaking when I walked into my new hoe and saw all my belonging in it, instead of looking at an empty suite.

I would whole heartedly recommend Downsizing Solutions! Thank you for everything."

~ Lynn M, Burlington  |  Revera Inc. Revera Appleby Place Retirement Residence

Joan and Bill spent a three-month trial stay at Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence and decided to make it their permanent home!

“With Downsizing Solutions at our side, the transition to our new home was simple and stress free - not only for us but for our family as well. Not only were Mary and her team efficient at helping us set up and prepare for the move, but they provided a great sense of care for ensuring this transition be as easy on us as possible, both physically and emotionally.

Not only was Mary available to us throughout the transition, she also went above and beyond to help when some external issues arose. Mary was a champion on our behalf and, thanks to her efforts, everything has now been happily remedied. With Mary and her team’s help, everything in our new place “feels like home”. We could not have done it without them. Thank you Mary and team!”

~ Joan and Bill B, Burlington |  Signature Retirement Living

Second move into Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence this week!

"Mary, you are such a delight to work with. We looked forward to your smiling face every day. You and your team couldn't have done anything better at either end of the move. The Superintendent from our former condo said it was the best move out she had ever seen. She also commented on the fact that the efficiency and expertise of your team was evident.

When we arrived at Pearl and Pine, the unit was set up beyond our expectation. Even the pictures on the walls were very well located. In 60 years of marriage, we have moved more than 20 times and this is the best move we have ever had. Also thanks to Pearl and Pine for this great referral to your company! They have been fabulous to work with. Leigh-Anne, specifically, was amazing to work with. The staff here have made us feel so welcome. We are very impressed with the Executive Director, Shawna. The dining room staff and food is outstanding. We felt like this was our home the minute we arrived here. Thank you so much. We couldn't have done this without you."

~ Bob and Gail O, Burlington | Signature Retirement LivingPearl & Pine Retirement Residence

“Thanks again for everything Mary… Never Fear Downsizing Solutions Is Here!

When my mother had to downsize and move into a one-room studio in an assisted living facility, my brother and I were at a loss for where to begin. Fortunately for us, Mary Dilly, owner of Downsizing Solutions, was recommended to us. She immediately took the lead and organized everything, and I mean everything. Her team was prompt, meticulous and friendly. They packed, labelled, moved, unpacked, hung pictures…everything and I mean everything. In our initial conversation, I had told Mary that my brother and I would do all the unpacking and arranging of furniture, but it became clear that we were overwhelmed early in the process.

Downsizing Solutions to the rescue! Mary’s team had taken pictures of where everything was on every shelf and proceeded with lightening speed to unpack and place while we stood there like deer in the headlights.  What I had thought was going to be a stressful, depressing day turned into a very positive and, dare I say, fun experience.

Mary’s exuberance, positive energy and complete knowledge of the job at hand inspired complete confidence and I highly recommend her company, her services, her ebullience and, above all, her professionalism.”

~Jim Armstrong, Oakville | Revera Living - The Kensington Oakville

We just moved the loveliest couple into Revera - The Kensington Oakville Retirement Residence.

“Mary, you were so very, very helpful! You were also so kind, patient, positive and bubbly - always with a smile on your face. You made all the difference! We didn’t want to leave our home of 39 years. We didn’t even know where to start. The first time we met you, we knew you would take good care of us and you did. Your entire team were very kind and helpful. You all made us feel that everything was going to go smoothly and it did. We are so grateful that The Kensington referred you to us. We are so happy here. You have become a life-long friend to us. Thank you for everything. We could not have done this without you and your team.” ~Josephine and Rodney, Oakville


The Kensington Oakville Retirement Residence  |  Revera Inc.


“I was fortunate to have found Mary's company when I was moving my parents out of their home into the Kensington Retirement Residence. My mom was so stressed about moving out of the home she had lived in for almost 40 years.

I reached out to Mary, explained how my mom was feeling about the move and from the first time they met, my mom had found a friend in Mary. Mary was incredible the way she put my mom at ease, talking to her about the transition with kindness, understanding & patience.

Mary really appreciates how difficult this process is. She makes the transition seamless and handles the difficult decisions in such a caring way which takes the pressure off the rest of the family.

Mary has a solid, professional team working with her to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. You walk into your new home on moving day and it truly feels like home; it feels like you set everything up yourself. I tell anyone who is looking at moving their parents out of their home to give Mary a call. I can't recommend her enough!”

~Lesley H., Oakville

One of our largest moves to date and we nailed it!

“This is, by far, the best move I have ever had and I have moved over twenty times. Thanks to Sarah Logue Remax for the referral to Downsizing Solutions. Everyone was friendly, very enjoyable, hard working and very professional. The packers and movers worked in harmony. That helped me. It ran smoothly. Mary had it all under control.” ~ Ron F, Burlington | Sarah Logue Realtor

Yes, this couple is actually as adorable as they look in the picture!!!

Thank you to Julie Jones of Royal LePage for this lovely referral.

"Thank you, Mary. You and your team were always full of smiles and always willing to listen to what we had to say. This is a really useful service - something that people need. We are very thankful that you were able to show us the whys and wayfores. Thank you to Revera The Williamsburg Retirement Residence, a million times, for their bonus move-in offer to pay for our entire move!

We haven't even been here a week yet and there is so much going on at all times. What I find a real pleasure is that you know you are going to be okay here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is amazing. We are always meeting nice people and eating fantastic food. If you are at all worried about anything, that goes away. This is a beautiful place to be in with so much space. You were a delight to work with. Everything has been surprisingly wonderful."

~ Janet and Gary B, Burlington | Revera Inc.

Another great move into Pearl & Pine Retirement By Signature today! “I am speechless!

I had no idea you could do everything you did. I wouldn’t have known where to start. I was so nervous when Mary first came because I knew I had too much stuff and it was going to be a challenge for you. I actually felt sorry for you.

Everyone on the team was so thoughtful, courteous, friendly, helpful and cooperative. Jenn, specifically, was amazing. Thank you to Pearl and Pine for referring Downsizing Solutions for my move! From the minute they started to the minute they ended the move, nothing could have been improved on. I could never have done this without them.”

~ Joan A, Burlington | Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence Signature Retirement Living

I can’t even remember how many moves we have done into Pearl & Pine Retirement By Signature in the last three weeks!
This was one of our most favourite. 💕💕  “We been at Pearl and Pine for three months to try it out. We absolutely love it here. All the activities you can take part in and all the entertainment they have to offer are amazing. Pearl and Pine recommended Downsizing Solutions. Also other residents recommended them as well. it is a wonderful opportunity for us to be here to meet new friends. The food is just wonderful here. It was beyond my belief that the team could pack my home up and move it to Pearl and Pine, set it up and hang pictures; all while being being so accommodating. Walking into my suite was like walking into my home. The team really worked hard at both ends. We love our new home. We had some good conversations and laughs with Downsizing Solutions’ team. Amazing work. Thank you!”
~Shirley and Brian, Burlington | Pearl & Pine Retirement

Love these sisters!

“Thank you to Martha's Landing for recommending Downsizing Solutions. They said how great you are!

The team was very wonderful, the move into my suite was smooth and quick. They went above and beyond! I was in respite so, when I walked into my suite, it was all my furniture and it felt just like home. The pictures hung on the walls were what did it. It was so nice to see my mother’s and my friends’ paintings hung in the perfect places. Made a big difference to my suite. Thank you."

~ Beth J, Burlington | Chartwell Retirement Residence

Another move to Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence  this week!

“Thanks Mary. It was a smooth move. It was a big help to me how you decluttered and determined what was important to keep or donate. You made the move very smooth which was very important to me. You even took me furniture shopping and we had fun doing that. Your team was great, friendly and easy to get along with. Mary, you were a big help spearheading the whole move. It felt like home immediately. I highly recommend Downsizing Solutions.”

~David M, Burlington | Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence

Another great move with Sarah Logue!

“I met Mary Dilly and Sarah Logue at the Seniors Expo on April 30 and then, by May 3rd, the process was started. Thank you to Downsizing Solutions for coming in to downsize me before my move. The team removed all donations out of my home. The work was very good. No problems and everything went smoothly. I was a little anxious the morning of my move but that all dissipated with the help of the team. The team is all so pleasant. I enjoyed working with them! We had fun and some good laughs! I would absolutely recommend Downsizing Solutions!”

~Debbie B, Burlington | Sarah Logue Team Logue - REMAX Escarpment Realty Inc. 

A great move into Palermo Village Retirement Residence today. Clients were so happy, they told me they were holding back tears! Great team effort with Sarah Logue Remax and Team Logue - REMAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

“We The suite looks great. We are really happy with it. We love your vision. It was so great working with you and your team. You are all lovely ladies. I am so pleased. Your movers were great also. You had so much to do and you made short work of it. This is fabulous. We are amazed by what you did. It is so beautiful how you put everything together. I would never have thought of putting the suite together like you did. I never thought it could look as nice as this! I am happy 100%!!!”

~ Cecily and Bob B, Oakville | Palermo Village Retirement Residence | Team Logue - REMAX Escarpment Realty Inc. | Verve Senior Living