Client Reviews

“Thanks again for everything Mary… Never Fear Downsizing Solutions Is Here!  When my mother had to downsize and move into a one-room studio in an assisted living facility, my brother and I were at a loss for where to begin. Fortunately for us, Mary Dilly, owner of Downsizing Solutions, was recommended to us. She immediately took the lead and organized everything, and I mean everything. Her team was prompt, meticulous and friendly. They packed, labelled, moved, unpacked, hung pictures…everything and I mean everything. In our initial conversation, I had told Mary that my brother and I would do all the unpacking and arranging of furniture, but it became clear that we were overwhelmed early in the process. Downsizing Solutions to the rescue! Mary’s team had taken pictures of where everything was on every shelf and proceeded with lightening speed to unpack and place while we stood there like deer in the headlights. What I had thought was going to be a stressful, depressing day turned into a very positive and, dare I say, fun experience. Mary’s exuberance, positive energy and complete knowledge of the job at hand inspired complete confidence and I highly recommend her company, her services, her ebullience and, above all, her professionalism.”  Jim Armstrong, Oakville



“Our family was quite impressed with their attention to detail and executed every item in a very professional manner.  Their sense of humour and good nature was well appreciated at a stressful time as most moving projects can be. My son especially thought they did a very good job and enjoyed their work habit.  We would very much suggest to anyone who is moving to give this group headed by Mary Dilly a call first for a first class job. I would suggest if a move was in the offing, then Mary Dilly would be the one to contact and provide a full service to let you relax and enjoy the project, She is very capable of pre-determining and making time saving a priority  for any and all efforts for a moving project big or small.  Call Mary, you will be glad you did.”  Norm G., Burlington

"Thank you, Mary, you and your team were the icing on the cake! Your professionalism and organizational skills took a lot of the stress off my clients' downsizing move. I knew with this sensitive move situation, you would be the best person for the job and I was right.  Thank you, thank you."  Debbie Gibbs, ReMax Escarpment Realty



“Moving a parent into a nursing home is so overwhelming. There are plenty of emotions to deal with along with a sense of not knowing how to begin dismantling the life your parents built. Mary and her dream team came in and gave me focus, wonderful support along with a great sense of humour. Her team is there for you for the entire process. As soon as I signed the contract, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Mary and her team!” Carol Ann O, Burlington


“You were a Godsend, Mary.  You made the move a lot easier because I knew you were there if I needed more help or telling me ‘everything is going to be okay.  It is going to work out’.  That was really important to me because I felt overwhelmed, scared and anxious.  I relied on you and Natasha to help me through those times when I was feeling really awful.  My daughter was there too but that wasn’t the same.  Natasha was absolutely wonderful helping me sort through the stuff that I wasn’t sure if I should take with us or donate.  That was really helpful.  You were so much fun.  We appreciated all the great lunches.  You girls are wonderful.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate you putting us with us.  Thank God that you are here to help people like us.”    Linda (and Mike) O, Burlington


It was an honour to help dispense of Agnes’ items after she passed away. She was so loved at LaSalle Park Retirement Community! “Thanks, Mary! We are so grateful that Stephanie (Stephanie Spring, Executive Director, LaSalle Park) referred you to us! You just took care of everything. We would have been all over the place. You are highly resourceful. This was a quick move and you sourced out movers and places to donate all of our mom’s items on short notice. You pulled everything together for us. You are so friendly, I felt like I knew you when we first started talking. We could not have done this without you.” Elisabeth and Bill, Agnes’ kids.

247903915_10165977527825221_605655196870738201_n fun move into Revera Birkdale Place Retirement Residence today! "Thanks Mary for an organized and smooth move today. I am really impressed! You are so helpful. You and your movers have great personalities. You all seemed like you were enjoying the day. You are so organized and easy to work with. You "go with the flow" easily. I felt "at home" as soon as I walked in the door." Ann B., Milton, ON



“Our family had a great experience working with Mary and her team at Downsizing Solutions! They helped us move my mother-in-law from her condo in Oakville to Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence in Burlington and the process was made very easy for all of us. She sat down with us to go over exactly what to expect, and then exceeded our expectations with how helpful, friendly, and professional they were. This transition could have been very challenging both for my mother-in-law, and for us but her team made it as smooth and seamless as possible. We would highly recommend Mary to help with any moving/downsizing scenario!” Barb, Burlington

"After my mom needed unexpected surgery during her downsizing process, I was referred to Mary Dilly and her service Downsizing Solutions.

The service we received was above and beyond! Both Natasha and Mary became instant members of our family. They brought joy and laughter to what were the most stressful weeks for my parents as they packed the home they had lived in for thirty years to downsize to condo living.

Mary and Natasha took the most amazing care with each item they packed, were incredibly supportive in helping to manage the emotional side of letting go of items and took charge of the logistics. From removing items to be donated and delivering them in their vehicles, to ensuring my mom always had a comfortable chair to sit in while they moved about the house, to repairing sentimental items, the genuine care Mary and Natasha extended to my parents is what I'm most grateful for.

On moving day Mary and her team ran the show. The kitchen was unpacked in the new home before noon by a motivated crew, items organized with care. By dinner, my parents were eating the lovely meal Mary had arranged for them. The bed was made and items they would need for a relaxing first evening were placed out. Just above and beyond.

I don't know what I would have done without them! Our family grew by two in the process of this move. Thank you Mary and Natasha and your team!"

Melinda Tarantino, Burlington

Downsizing Solutions

"This was by far one of the most incredible services I have experienced in my life. On my own and facing a big move during my busiest season at work, I was desperate to locate some help. A colleague introduced me to Mary Dilly and her team of professionals. The experience was transformational. Mary took over everything including packing, down-sizing, donating and eliminating the things that did not need to go. She organized the movers (amazing movers), the stagers (for my house sale) and did it all quietly in the background allowing me to continue working. She saved up her “questions” for me and asked them all at once rather than interrupting as they worked. On the day of the move, she drove one of my vehicles to my new city and directed the movers to ensure everything was placed in the right rooms. Everything was unpacked and set up. She even brought dinner so that I was sitting down to a home-made meal at 5:00 pm, using my own dishes on a dining room table that was set beautifully.
No job was too large or too small for her and her team to take on and her cheerful demeanour and commitment to excellence was such a pleasure. I literally cried with relief as she transformed the entire moving experience for me. By the end of the move, we had become like family and I was also delighted that I could donate valuable items I had no longer any need of to the women’s shelters that Mary tirelessly donates her time to. I highly recommend Mary and her amazing team of smart, hard-working and kind professionals."     Gail Mackay-Mercer, Burlington

Our Sweet Muriel

"Mary, you and your team are the most wonderful, beautiful people I have ever met. I am so grateful to have met you. I thank Birkdale Place and The Kensington for introducing you to me. I hope someone else is as fortunate as I have been to meet you. You are wonderful, my love. Muriel, The Kensington Oakville

Downsizing Solutions
Downsizing Solutions

Big move for Marjorie today at Revera Birkdale Place Retirement Residence when she downsized to a smaller unit. Marjorie said, "Thanks Mary for a great job. You and your team were so patient with me. You were all so understanding and patient while working with me, a senior who is unable to walk. Sometimes seniors need a little extra time and you really understood that. Your team is really, really special. Your movers were wonderful. You were all so hard working, very friendly and very understanding. Thanks for getting the tv working and for hanging the curtains and all the pictures. It was such a pleasure to work with all of you."

“Marjorie T., Milton” Revera Birkdale Retirement Residence

"Having known Mary for a number of years, when it came time to arrange for a downsizer to help my mother make the move from her home to Retirement Living, she was the natural choice. Mary and her team were amazing from start to finish. When we had to move up my mother’s move in date by a month, Mary took it all in stride and made it happen. I think Mary’s greatest strength is her ability to stay calm in chaos, manage family dynamics, connect with every type of age and personality which simplifies what can be a very emotional process for families. She even moved the cat!!! All to say I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mary and Downsizing Solutions."

Jeanette Bock, Oakville, The Jacob Beamsville

Downsizing Solutions
Downsizing Solutions

Thank you, Trudy, for the kind words!

"I want to thank Mary and her whole team for helping make my stressful move go smoothly. It's just my old kitty and myself but I have all my things around me to make me feel better and the team did so much work for me. I have a smaller place than I did before but they still got it all in and made it look nice and even hung up my pictures for me. And they were so nice to me and my kitty, Millie!"

Trudy V, Oakville, Revera Birkdale Retirement Residence

“We are so grateful for Mary and her team, in all that they did, to move our mother during a very stressful move in a retirement home. The moment we met her, we knew the move was going to be alright as long as she was there with her support, understanding and kindness to our mother and us. Her team were professional and took meticulous care in moving our mother’s belongings. They put everything back in its same place in the new room, by taking pictures to make sure nothing was missed. She also ensured the pictures on the walls were hung exactly as they were in the old room. Mary was so accommodating and understanding with our requests that by the end of the move, we wanted to adopt her as our sister!”   Mary K, Milton and Claire M, Guelph. Revera Birkdale Retirement Residence

Clare, Mother Mary and Mary
Downsizing Solutions

Thank you, Mary, for helping out with the move for my mother. She was 75 at the time and had collected many pieces of furniture, collectible items, crystal, china, clothes and I can go on and on. For me to sit with my mother and go through these items was going to put a big unnecessary strain on our mother/daughter relationship. Having you come in and help was a God-send! You knew exactly how to deal with all the emotions involved. You were very empathetic yet gently leading Daisy in the direction of getting through this move. Mary helped with packing the boxes and sorting through all the treasures. Her assistance was greatly appreciated! Without her sense of humour and compassion, this process would have been different! Mary was also very resourceful about what to do with many of the items. She knows of many organizations that appreciate the donations. This made a very big difference with Daisy’s decision, knowing her beloved treasures were going to a family who would love them just as much as she did and the proceeds as well. Thanks again! You certainly know what you are doing!

Darlene L Kretz, Broker, ABR, SRES, Paul Kretz, Salesperson Keller Williams Edge Realty

"When our beloved Resident Ambassador passed away suddenly, the family was not able to come in to clear out his items. It was a very difficult time for this lovely family.
The first person I thought of was Mary. I knew that we could trust her to guide this family and help them through such a difficult time. I was happy to recommend Mary Dilly at Downsizing Solutions to assist them. Mary and her team came in and arranged delivery of his items to various family members, took donations for families in need and a small trip to the dump. Mary’s compassion and empathy helped the family and us during this time.
Mary is truly incredible at what she does. She is an Angel."
Angela Bosco

“Thanks, Mary, for a marvellous job. I wish you all were at my house every day! The suite looks cozy and “like home”. My daughters and I want to live here - it is so nice! Your team were prompt and polite and a joy to meet. We will be calling you for our next move.” Kathie F, Oakville.


"We contacted Mary on a recommendation from Sunrise Of Oakville. My sister had to move from a one-bedroom assisted living suite to the memory care floor there. Mary is familiar with many of the seniors' residences in this area and knows the people and procedures involved. Mary and Diane came and packed up my sister's apartment in half a day, identifying what would suit the smaller living area in the new building. They were sensitive to personal effects that held special meaning and took care of disposal of the rest. The movers were careful and efficient and they did a superb job in creating a comfortable, cosy and attractive living environment at Sunrise for my sister." ... Duane & Shirley L.,…ville/


“When it was time to make the hardest decision of my life to move my mother to a retirement residence, I turned to Mary for help.  She walked me through the steps, introduced me to two retirement homes that she felt would suit my mom and held my hand through the process.  She took care of all the logistics – hiring and supervising movers, organizing move in time and elevator with the residence, facilitated move-in day and set up my mom’s entire suite, including making the bed, hanging pictures and stocking the fridge.  Because of my mom’s dementia, Mary even hung a picture of my mom, when she was a young woman, on my mom’s door so that she could recognize her suite when returning to her room.  Mary was professional, knowledgeable and, above all else, kind and patient through the process.  She continues to follow up with me on a regular basis to see how my mom (and me!) are doing.  I will never forget her kindness towards us at this time.  Mary even put all my mom’s old slides on a usb stick for us!  Thank you, Mary!”  Kelly Cambly, Burlington

Ashley at LaSalle Park

“Art’s new suite looks great! Thanks for all your help and being so accommodating to us. We truly appreciate it! Staff have told us that he was showing off the pictures in his new suite to some of the other residents on the floor as well as the nurses. He is very happy. It warms our heart to know he’s enjoying his new space.” Ashley R,

"Downsizing your home of 28 years is not the easiest thing to do. Mary and her crew made the impossible possible. Their caring and understanding during a very stressful time made it easier for me to let go of many treasures. Mary and her team went above and beyond both preparing for our move and setting up our new home after the move. I would never have been able to do what the team accomplished and am extremely grateful to Mary and her amazing team." Bev and Gary T, Waterdown

Downsizing Solutions
Natasha Eadie testimonial

"Mary Dilly is an efficient, knowledegable and highly effective down-sizer. As a realtor, I often work with clients who face the daunting task of downsizing their home, sorting through years worth of contents and memories. I have come to rely on Mary’s expertise in helping clients create an individualized, organized and comprehensive plan to help complete all the necessary steps in down-sizing. She can adapt and tailor the scope and size of the service of the job as necessary. One thing that separates Mary from the rest is her people skills. She approaches each job with energy and enthusiasm, but it is her sensitive nature and ability to personally connect with people that makes their journey and transition a positive and exciting time in their lives. Mary loves people, has a contagious sense of humour and is a true professional in her field. I would recommend Mary and her team at without hesitation!" Natasha Eadie,

“Thank you Mary for such an easy move. You are kind, loving, thoughtful and, last but not least, very helpful. It was an easy move and I was not worried at all. I knew when I met you that it would go well and it did. You and your team are amazing.”       Nancy, Milton, ON

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Pam Damoff

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary for several years. Mary’s talent for customer service is second to none. Mary has a great connection with clients and relentless drive to ensure they are happy. Her enthusiasm is contagious, she is reliable, diligent and great fun to work with.”

Pam Damoff, Member of Parliament, Oakville and North-Burlington



A Move to The Village of Tansley Woods

"Hi Mary, Peggy loved it!!! She walked in and said, 'Oh, wow, I love it!!!' She was so happy and felt right at home which was a huge relief for me because I didn't know how she was going to take it. You and your team did a tremendous job and provided us with peace of mind. Before I left, she said she loved her apartment and felt right at home. Also, we are so happy you found her (lost) ring! Thanks again, Mary, for you and your team, Natasha and the movers!"   Tasha, Burlington

Peggi, Tansley Woods


Thanks Darlene Kretz Burlington Kretz Homes for taking such good care of your clients and hiring us to do a one-day purge/organization/stage of their home. Melissa and James were very happy! “Mary and Catherine were such a pleasure to work with. An awesome mix of ‘get it done’ and fun. More efficient than I ever anticipated. What began as a day of anxiety and questioning whether it was possible turned into wondering what we were going to do with our free evening! We would hire these ladies again in a heartbeat! Thank you” Melissa and James, Burlington




"We hired Mary/ to clean up and re-structure our gardens before our home went up for sale. Mary was very friendly to work with. She is extremely talented! She was always on time and got a large job done under the deadline. The end result was a night and day difference! All the transplants are beautiful and healthy. We want to take Mary and Emily to our next house to care for the gardens there." Carm and Paul, Burlington